PostPartum Doula & New Mom Groups

KELLY ARIAS is a mother, support group leader, and a parent counselor, with a BA in psychology and a MA in childhood education.

“After the birth of my son, I discovered a new world as I ventured through this life changing experience called motherhood. It was a beautiful, yet challenging time. It was then that I understood how crucial it is to have support from other women during this new chapter of life. Since then I have focused my practice on working with new families and first time mothers immediately after birth. My New Mom Support Group was born in 2011 and has been connecting new mothers and providing support to those who seek resources and a warm, safe place to be during this time of transition.

I am a certified lactation counselor (CLC) and DONA trained postpartum doula. I am also certified by the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM), which enables me to provide parents with the opportunity to share the bonding experience of infant massage with their baby in a class setting. I am very passionate about providing comprehensive support services and practical tools to assist new parents as they become capable, loving, and more confident in their parenting.

Through my extensive work experience facilitating groups and counseling parents, I understand firsthand the unique challenges parenthood sometimes poses to new mothers, and can assist them individually, or in a group.”

If you’d like to get in touch with Kelly, contact her here.

Whether working with families or individuals going through this major life change, I am here to help!


Having a baby is one of the most dramatic changes a woman can go through in her life. It helps to know there is support available and that you can connect with other women in your neighborhood who are going through the same experience at the same time.


I can help you introduce changes in your home to make it more baby friendly. I can also make suggestions about how best to share the household chores and communicate with your partner.


You can join a group of women, who, just like you, are learning about what it means to be a mother and wish to reach out to other mothers. It is something to do, somewhere to go and it offers support within this new life adventure.


At every stage of your journey through the life changing experience of having a baby there is professional sup- port available. In a free introductory call we can discover what kind of support I can offer or suggest for you.