PostPartum Doula & New Mom Groups

Svetlana M.

Posted on November 18, 2016

When I first had my baby, I thought motherhood would come naturally to me. I felt a great sense of balance throughout my pregnancy and had every reason to believe that this would remain post-baby. I could not have been more wrong! Once I had my baby, I had several hundred questions about my parenting each day. I also felt extremely isolated being a stay at home mom on maternity leave with friends that could no longer relate to me because either their children were either much older OR they didn’t have children yet. Needless to say- I was in need of a new circle and didn’t know how to go about finding it! I stumbled upon Kelly’s group through a Google search and what a Godsend that was! I am still friends with the moms I met in my group and left each meeting feeling so much more confident. Kelly’s topics were not just baby-related but they also helped me become more aware of what I wanted as a person. I wish I would have found your groups sooner- Thank you Kelly!